Miltronics celebrates over 25 years of providing high quality electronics manufacturing services to many companies in various industries. Located in the heart of New Hampshire's beautiful Monadnock region, our dependability and cost-effectiveness sets us apart from other manufacturers as the first candidate to consider for a long term subcontract manufacturing partner.

Miltronics is proud of our entire product family
Driveway Alert® ~ Forklift Alert™ ~ Freedom Fence® ~ Pacer™ Instruments

Miltronics Manufacturing Services, Inc.

Subcontracting Services

From our strict military electronics background to our state of the art manufacturing equipment. If you are interested in learning about the quality our subcontracting services can bring to your next project, please feel free to contact us directly.

Driveway Alert® ~ Alert Products™

Alert Products™ are a group of wireless detection systems designed to make you aware. Sensor/transmitters are used to sense various objects and conditions and then transmit a high frequency radio signal to a receiver placed in your home, business or other convenient location.

Forklift Alert™ ~ Proximity Warning Systems

The newest member of the Miltronics family, Forklift Alert™ is a wireless detection system designed for warehouse environments. Know what's around the corner before you can see it.

Freedom Fence® ~ Pet Containment Systems

Freedom Fence® is a highly successful system designed to allow your dogs complete freedom to roam selected parts of your property. A buried, "single wire fence" keeps your pet from leaving your yard or entering areas such as flower beds, shrubs, or swimming pool area.

Pacer Instruments™ ~ Precision Measurement Instruments

Pacer Instruments™ specializes in high quality test and measurement equipment, providing high quality instruments that exceed the industry standards for accuracy, reliability, and ease of operation.

All Of Our Systems Are Made In The U.S.A.